10 thoughts on “SCULPTURE IMAGES

  1. I felt ‘at home’ immediately when I walked into your current show at CACVA [I’m a member]; an extraordinary but most enjoyable context for a first look at your work. I’d like to send you my one page ‘reaction’ paper (Prof. Edwards’ class) but it will not fit this space. If you have a ‘public’ email address, I could send it as an attachment. Thanks. Bill Shealy

  2. Just took a look at your wonderful gallery. The masterclass you put on today at Salem High was absolutely great. It was a real pleasure to talk and collaborate with such an unassuming and genuine guy. In the short amount of time that i had to talk with you, I learned alot about your background; you were so openly honest that everyone in the room couldn’t help but ask you questions. So Professor Roth, would it be too much to ask for more sessions for us?

    -Student, Salem High School; Artist

    Adam J. Friar

    1. Hello Adam,
      Thanks for the good word. I had a great time out at Salem, hopefully Mr Jernigan will bring me out again. Good luck with your artwork!
      John Roth

      1. Word from Mr. Jernigan is that another masterclass is opening itself up; depending on the school budget and all of that business, we might have a chance for a metalsmithing workshop/class/etc. Sounds interesting enough. Are you interested in something like that?

  3. John.
    There is a whimsical morbidness to your ‘Home Appliance’ sculpture. I adore it. (Although, I am sure morbid and adore should remain separate.)

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